Help reveal significance and purpose in the lives of youth

Mentoring Project


To help reveal significance and purpose in the lives of youth!

About the Project

  •  SPENDING QUALITY TIME: Mentors and Mentees will spend a couple of hours a week together enjoying common interests and activities.

  • MENTORING PROJECT EVENTS: Scheduled events that mentors and mentees can attend together with other matches in the Project.

  • COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Opportunities for mentors and mentees to participate in and attend events in and around the community of Steinbach, such as Steinbach Pistons Hockey games, Summer in the City, Steinbach Arts Council events and others. 

Why Mentoring?

Besides the strength of parents, one of the most powerful ways to enrich the life of a child is to provide them with a caring and supportive mentor who can walk beside them as a friend.

A mentor is there to model character, healthy relationships and positive problem-solving skills. The mentor and mentee will spend time together for one to two hours per week for a minimum of one year, and will decide together what activities they want to do.

Who Are The Mentees?

Youth between the ages of 10 and 18 who are part of the Steinbach community and/or school system.

Who Are The Mentors?

Christian men and women, ages 19 and up, who have a desire to see youth reach their potential and are willing to spend a few hours per month with a youth.

So... What Next?

For mentees: Please call YFC Steinbach at 1.204.326-4366 and speak to the coordinator, Jim Harms, to receive our application.
For mentors: Please download the Mentor Application (PDF) here or call YFC Steinbach for more info!

We look forward to hearing from you!